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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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they say he terrorized his victims than ran. police are trying to put together the pieces of exactly what happened. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live outside the upper merion police department. dave, any charges yet? >> reporter: iain new york city charges yet but we've now been told by chief tom noland out here he expects the suspect to be arraigned and long list of charges around 7:30 tonight in the meantime detectives are still trying to figure out why this suspect targeted this couple. >> i would concerned. we certainly don't want this in our neighborhood. >> reporter: suzanne baxter lives cite right across the street from the scene of tuesday morning's home invasion in upper merion it started with neighbor being tied up, her boyfriend being abducted at gun point and finally a suspect in custody after a police chase. >> at least they let him go and they weren't so frightened as to want to use something beyond intimidation. >> reporter: police responded to the home off the schuylkill expressway in upper merion just after 8:00 for the report of a home invasion. >> female victim is tied up.
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and the male victim is taken against his while out of the house to get more money from atm machine. >> reportermachine. >> reporter: police say the suspect took the homeowner to a wawa to withdraw cash from an atm. the pair was being chased by police when the suspect dumped the get away car with the victim inside and unharm. the suspect fled up embankment and across the expressway before being nabbed by police. >> we believe that this was a burglary initially when the actor goes inside the house he does find a weapon in the house. a shotgun. and he hears people upstairs. when they come downstairs and there's confrontation when he pulls the weapon and now escalates this into a home invasion robbery. >> reporter: neighbors back at the scene looked on as detectives gathered evidence and they tried to come to grips with what violent home invasion right across the street. >> i guess i have that be a little more cautious about locking my house when i go out. >> why he targeted this house with these people we're still
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trying to determine that. >> reporter: now, no one was injured in this incident. again, we expect the suspect to be arraigned and a long list of charges tonight at 7:30. we will have update on this story tonight on the 10:00 o'clock news. >> lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. 11 year old boy is recovering after falling into an uncovered manhole. it happened just before 2:00 on the 2900 block of north philip street. his family sent us this picture we want you to know he's okay. medic took the boy to saint christopher's hospital much he's doing just fine tonight and in stable condition. >> turning to your fox 29 weather authority now, here's a live look at old city on a hot and humid night if do you not like tonight you are not going to like what you're about to hear. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking the return of summer. scott. >> hi there, it is definitely back. we're talking about the summer like feel, the dog days of summer. 86 degrees right now in philadelphia. you factor in the humidity, it's not that bad today. but tomorrow will be a different story. it feels like 87 degrees.
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winds are out of the south currently at about 11 miles per hour so pumping in more of that moisture making it feel a little more sticky stepping outdoors. current temperatures in the upper 70s down the shore because of that sea breeze helping out. but move a little farther inland we're in the mid 80s in trenton. mid 80s right now in reading. so how does it actually feel when you factor in that humidity? it feels a little warmer if you're stepping outdoors. let's talk a little bet about that forecast as we move throughout the evening. by 7:00 o'clock temperatures in the low 80s. we're looking at upper 70s by 9:00 o'clock. 74 degrees by 11:00. it's going to be muggy for the overnight. and coming up we'll talk a little bit about this front off to the north and west around parts of the great lakes. it will pick up some moisture bring us the threat for showers and storms but also out ahead of it the humidity will build. heat will build coming up i'll talk about how hot it gets tomorrow, plus more on the timing, iain of those showers and storms headed this way. >> all right. scott, thank you. >> of course you can stay up to date on all the heat and humidity by heading to our
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website clicking weather tab at the top of the home page. we also have a link to download our fox 29 weather app just alcoholic weather. >> happening now, the crisis in the mideast reaches the u.s. today the federal government prohibiting u.s. airlines from flying to israel after a rocket landed near the airport in tel-aviv today. part of the on-going war between israel and hamas. a conflict that has claimed casualties on both sides. >> the decision from the faa of accepting flights at philadelphia international airport and that is where fox 29's chris o'connell is live right now. chris? >> reporter: lucy, normally this time of night you'd be seeing airline passengers arriving to the international terminal for a u.s. airways flight to tel-aviv. well, not tonight. that flight is now canceled because of security concerns in the middle east. we did find some passengers showing up for that flight arriving from other cities on connecting flights. but they are stuck here for the
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next 24 hours. tonight's 9:00 o'clock u.s. airways flight 796 to tel-aviv has been canceled a return flight that was due to arrive from tel-aviv about 5:20 tomorrow morning also canceled. the faa restricted these flights because of a rocket fired from near the gaza strip landed just a mile away from tel-aviv's ben guiron international airport. passengers hoping to get to israel are being booked on other flights but will have to wait here at least another day. >> are you worried about flying? obviously not. we wanted to go. the good lord protects you wherever you are. you're not safe here, you're not safe there. you're only safe where the god lord wants you. >> the faa says this night restriction will last another 24 hours. but they'll revisit that restriction sometime tomorrow. so right now, it's anyone's guess but passengers here stuck for at least another 24 hours
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here in philadelphia. guys? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. we were continue to follow this developing story on throughout the night we'll post the latest updates right on our home page. police are trying to fine the gunman who shot a man and a woman in oxford circle. they are in critical condition tonight. police say the gunman shot the 43 year old woman nine times. and the 55 year old man three times. they were found lying on the ground in the 6500 block of castor avenue just before midnight last night. police say the shots were fired from point blank range. they found a gun about a half mile away from the scene. >> in new jersey, police want to find a woman they say tried to use a cloned credit card to buy gift cards. it happened last thursday at the rite aid on white horse pike in berlin, new jersey. it kind of hard to see this woman but take a good look. if you have any idea who she is, give police a call. governor chris christie picks a former cia official to lead new jersey's department of homeland security.
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christopher rod rouges will start his new position on mond monday. he spent more than 10 years with the cia. rodriguez previously served as a policy adviser on christie's staff. the current leader edward dixon is leaving to work in the private sector. >> another lawsuit tonight stemming from the penn state sex abuse scandal. two former assistants at the late penn state coach joe paterno are suing the university and one of them is paterno's son jay. the suit challenges how jay paterno and another assistant william kenny were fired when bill o'brien was hired as paterno's successor. the lawsuit seeks more than a million dollars. >> the sugar house casino in philadelphia's fishtown is going to whole lot bigger a ground breaking today on the casinos $164 million expansion. they are excited for a big reason. what comes with that, is a multi purpose event space with waterfront views, new restaurants parking garage and new 30 table poker room. it should be ready to go by neck
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year creating hundreds of news jobs. >> i'm proud to say we're as committed as ever to the future of sugar house. to the city of philadelphia and to our team members that have helped sugar house be successf successful. >> sugar house suspects to fill 500 new jobs once the project is set and done. it's voted a top place to work in philadelphia several times by the philadelphia business journal and since opening in 2010. one historical ship is calling out an sos is philadelphia. uss olympia docked at the independence seaport museum along the delaware river is in need of funding for a big restoration project. it needs $7 million to get it all started. the total cost of the upgrades, 20 million bucks. if you'd like to help we sent up a link at take look under the heading seen on tv. >> now the latest on the crash of malaysian airlines flight mh17. the u.s. says intelligence now suggests the malaysian airline plane was shot down over ukraine
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by separatists and no link to russia has been found. still frustration over ukraine's pro russian rebels is growing. >> tempers run high and fists fly in the ukrainian parliament. scuffles broke out after one lawmaker blamed ukrainian authorities for failing to adopt a cease fire in eastern ukraine. the fight started right after a moment of silence to remember the victims of the downed malaysian airlines flight. watch where you swim in one new jersey lake. >> indeed. we've told you about a giant snake on the loose and we're guessing it's hungry. today the search for it entered a new phase. the effort right now to find the anaconda before someone gets hurt. >> and a disco for ducks? no, a lighting system designed to scare away geese. there are pooping problems in a local park and our bruce gordon's plan to flush them away. howard.
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>> what's wrong with the phillies. i don't have enough time but i'll break some of the problems down coming up in sports. coming up in weather, the heat it's back across our area. but coming up, i'll talk about the hottest day this week plus showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. >> and tonight at 10:00 when this young man was a boy he was in a horrible car crash. he flat lined three times in one day and each time he says he went to heaven. the knowledge he came back with that some believe proves his story is absolutel absolutely tt at 10:00.
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>> following breaking news from iraq. a suicide driver has rammed an explosive packed car into a police checkpoint in baghdad. the attack killed 21 people and including seven policemen manning the post.
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at least 35 people are wounded. baghdad has been edge since sunni militants seized the city of mosul north of the capitol. >> a wild erotic snake is in new jersey. tonight wildlife experts experts are doing whatever it takes to find this anna can't today. it is missing some where in or near lake had a pot congress about 30 miles west of newark. the snake is probably about 14 feet long and a green anaconda at that. people living near the lake have been keeping aware row eye on the but no one has caught it y yet. >> no one is really in the water. kids are concerned. parents are concerned. everyone is concerned f we've had people come down scared to go in the water. one guy bought machete. >> wildlife experts have set traps around the lake. one told us last week he cornered the snake before it escaped by slithering between his leg. maybe can in today's least
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popular export geese or goose droppings have become major nuisance in lee his county park and no amount of human intervention can drive them aw away. our bruce gordon spent the day in emmaus. >> he thinks he found number one solution to the problem of number two. we had to. a warning though this video isn't for the weak of stomach. >> reporter: doug tran figured this was a perfect day to take his young son dj to furnace dam park for little fishin fishing. there were plenty of little fish in the pond but also plenty of biggies canada geese and they had left behind plenty of goose poop. >> little bit of a mess? >> there's mess all over the place, yeah. so -- >> reporter: not exactly what you want your son walking in. >> not at all. we'll find some where else that's a little bit better. less geese. >> reporter: it's been problem here for years. the behavior about the geese three dozen of them on this day suggest they're used to being fed by park patrons. what goes in one end tendons before long to come out the other. the result, a mine field for
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anyone who dares visit. >> i have been here once or twice i don't like walking with my head down. >> reporter: for fear of what you'll step in. >> you got it. >> reporter: borough officials set up a pair of fake swans in the pond hoping they would scare the poopy pests away. if anything the geese just seemed to ignore what is left of this phony threat. >> they that two swans for while after that storm they went upside down and -- the swan went away but the geese are still here. >> the swan went upside down but the geese are still here. >> reporter: more than a month ago the borough installed these solar powered lights to disrupt the geese's sleeping pattern. so they'd fly away. they look rested to us. >> is it doing anything. >> i don't think so. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: they like the disco? >> that's what, you know, that's what was said. little disco down here. >> reporter: there's a brutal irony to all of this sitting right here on the park grounds not 30 feet from the pond is a public bathroom.
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the signage couldn't be clearer. come on you goofy geese. meet us halfway. it's easy. when you feel the you were, waddle over to the bathroom, give the door a little push, head on in and -- for crying outloud don't forget to wash your webbed feet you stupid geese. in emmaus, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> we should just tell bruce to get the giant anaconda over to that lake and he can take care of all the problems. >> just a thought. scott william. tell him to mick sure he cleans his feet before he comes back to the studio. >> that's right. >> let's talk about this weather because on day like today the humidity is on the increase. it feels more like summer. 86 degrees right now. and you can see it feels a little hotter by 1 degree at 87 but those winds are out of the south at 11 miles per hour. the low this morning 70. that's where we should be for this time of year and afternoon high 1 degree above average a high of 88. but several years ago the record high for today's date was
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103 degrees. so it could be hotter. we're not going to get that hot tomorrow but tomorrow will be the hottest day this week. 85 in trenton right now. we have 80 in mount pocono. low 80s in lancaster. low 80s right now in wilmington. so we've been talking about the dew point. it's a measure of moisture in the atmosphere. earlier in the weekend we saw dew point temperatures in the 50s so it felt pretty nice. but right now those dew points are climbing into the 60s right around 70 so it will start to feel a little more uncomfortab uncomfortable. current dew points right now north and west in the upper 60s. we have low and mid 60s right now along the i-95 corridor. so you can tell when you step outdoors that it is going to feel little more muggy and humid. so satellite and radar pretty quiet conditions but winds out of the south and southwest pumping in more of that moisture and humidity. there's a front off to the west as well. it will gather intensity tomorrow and tomorrow evening we have the threat for showers and storms. but quiet for the overnight. quiet start to the middle of the week. then we'll watch that front advance tomorrow afternoon and
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evening by 5:00 o'clock watching for showers and storms to pop up. they could be a little gusty but we're not under a risk right now for severe weather tomorrow with this system. by 8:00 o'clock, right around the i-95 corridor philadelphia watching showers and storms and that system will linger overnight wednesday into early on thursday before we start to see humidity relief as well as dropping temperatures. so tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week. high temperatures top out in the 99s. feels like temperatures in the upper 90s. showers and storms fire any time really after about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and evening. for your thursday, early leftover showers around the humidity will drop. it will start to feel more comfortable across our area. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, mid 60s in the suburbs. 70 degrees in the city. and high temperatures tomorrow in the low 90s. hazy, hot and humid once again those afternoon and evening showers and storms popping up. so forecast by the numbers tomorrow, scale of one to 10, we'll give it a seven. that weather authority seven day
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forecast showing you the heat ends as we move into thursday along with those early showers. 83 degrees the high temperature on thursday. so it will be a short lived bout with the heat as we move into tomorrow. then more comfortable lower humidities for friday, 85. then mid to upper 80s for the upcoming weekend but not too humid really until the second half of the weekend and also we'll have the threat for some showers and storms cooler but little unsettled to kick off next monday high of 84 degrees. >> another stellar saturday, per fact. >> and tomorrow come out to the shops at liberty place i'll be out there with the salvation army ringing the bells for christmas in july. >> all right. >> it will be hot out there. >> good. that's good. >> i guess it won't ab white july. >> no, that would be weird. >> yes, it would be. >> ail sweaty. >> the race i don't think any of you have ever seen before. well, we've got it. and the phillies manager ryne sandberg has benched one of his starters. sandberg has benched one of his starters. itthe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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♪ >> you got the phillies again to note against san francisco. i think the season now for the phillies is all about the trade deadline which is on july 31s july 31st. many trades in baseball already. but none by the phillies yet. phillies did bring up darren rough from the minor leagues for an injured john mayberry. fundamentals they get lost by
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both teams last night. but the phillies, let's go at the ballpark. it's not good. it's not just fundamentals it's speed on the bases they go from base to base. ryan howard on second base with one out. ashi with the single watch ryan howard i mean -- it's a shame. i mean the guy never could run but he could hit a lot of homeruns. but he can't do either right now. he's got one homerun in 27 games. that was a problem. bases are loaded. this is a problem strike out right here with one out. to cameron ruf and cliff lee -- he's not a bad hitter he swings at ball four. phillies have lots of issues and lots of problems and left field i got to think he was benched because of this. hunter pens with his third i dominic brown it's simple play. simple. well, i think it's simple any way. >> all right the catch of the night yesterday to seattle. travis the hitter for the mets. and the left fielder dennis actually. over the wall.
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i like it when they make walls that high so you can have excitement with the player going over the wall. seattle beat the mets last night and i don't know if we care about the mets any way. that was good catch. >> it was. >> it seem like a few teams need a little love. however that's not the sixers they just want to lose. but minnesota is trying to trade their all star forward kevin love. cleveland has interest to have him with will he brown james now the chicago bulls jumped into those talks. now it's a race of another kind because here at fox 29 we have all kinds. it's a snail race in norfolk he know land much it's a snail race. going on for 25 years. and this is a little community. >> same race? >> the same race. >> they went out for lunch. they ordered the pizza. they had burgers. they had everything. by the way, annie gently won the race by the way we'll have the finish of that race tonight at 10:00. >> they're still going. like little gps devices on them in case they get lost?
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>> i'd rather eat them than watch them. >> he is cargo. >> garlic and butter. that does it for us here
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imagine answering your door and this happens. home invader, you shall not pass. >> and world's most cowardly dog. >> i won't leave him alone. >> then, the obamas. are they boiling this house in the desert? the stunning estate. $4.2million. seven bedrooms. >> president obama loves to golf. there is a ton of golf out there. >> and, bill clinton book shocker. >> claims bill clinton has a mistress. they nicknamed her the energizer. >> secret exposed. >> then, squatter nightmare. >> how a woman invited a tourist into her place


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